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What the actual fuck

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signsandsymphonies asked: Would you think that repeated fingerspelling would contribute to arthritis? 


Hmm… all the more reasons for beginners to NOT rely on fingerspelling so much! :P

But seriously, I’ve never heard of deaf people getting arthritis from signing. Likewise, I don’t think hearing people get adverse effects from talking, unless they talk too much?

Yes, people like interpreters whose job depends on a lot of signing throughout the day are at higher risks. But, like with us artists, taking regular breaks and go easy when there’s pain are very important to keep our hands happy. 

One of mistakes that beginners make is that they use too much muscle/clenching while fingerspelling. Relax, and you all will be fine. 

I had an issue with carpal tunnel being a bish with my signing. It wasn’t caused by the signing but signing definitely made it worse. Luckily I’m ambidexterous so I could move most of the signs to my left hand and still have my signs be somewhat intelligable. I’ve also broken my arms several times. Same solution. Don’t know what I would have done if I wasn’t ambidexterous.

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listening to edgy electronic music while doing my programming homework so i can pretend to be in a 90s hacker movie

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The only thing I can eat at my school’s dining hall is the shrimp and today they had an option to have it with rice and sauce so I got my shrimps cooked up nicely with some spicy stuff and then I moved on to the sauce station and asked for teriyaki sauce and this guy casually POURS THE SAUCE ALL OVER THE SHRIMP AND DOESN’T PUT IT ON THE RICE WTF THE FRAK?

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Some niceguy asshole just told me I had no excuse to use the elevator because my room is on the third floor??? Why do I need an excuse? To use a technology made specifically to help me? Plus I don’t feel like carrying a scooter up three flights of stairs?

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On Wednesdays, Chris Pratt likes to hang out with Chris Pratt for some Chris Pratt time.

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phantompiper replied to your post: why r tight pants against our dress co…

teh preshis boyz wil be disracted by uir cewt lesg. UMPROFESHIONAL!!!!

weak as hell

For real though the reason they always told me is that they are trying to teach us to dress in a professional way and idk it’s made me really rebellious with my clothes??? Like before flint hill, I usually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and maybe a polo every now and then but now that I’m in college I’m like “YES! NO DRESS CODE!” *runs around campus on a kick scooter and pyjama pants.* So basically all the reasons they ever gave me are bullshit and I called on it a couple times and it only ever gave me a detention. Which I never served.

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I am going to go to SALSARITAS and I am gonna go on my SCOOTER and I will CRY because I have TOO MANY required meals. I do not EAT TEN TIMES A WEEK.

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Yeah but no if you’re in the Rochester area, shoot me a message, I have a lot of meal plans to spend.

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Confused husky pup

He’s not expressing confusion, he’s tilting his head for better sound localization. While having an ear on each side of the head is good for lateral echolocation, tilting the head so that the ears are offset gives it vertical depth.


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phantompiper replied to your post: I’ve decided to work on my anger some …

I’m trying to imagine you screaming fucking shit ass.

The picture: Outside the liberal arts building. It is sunny. The sun shines on the black banister as I exit to walk up the hill. I am wearing grey slacks, a Fight Club t-shirt, and a ratty black tie. I am carrying a bulky messenger bag. The strap crosses from my left shoulder down to my right hip. I am anxious. Steadying myself from my agoraphobia, I reach out to touch the banister as I walk by. “FUCKING SHIT ASS!” I shout, withdrawing my hand in pain as I discover the metal is hot. Hot as fucking shit ass.

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My meals plan is too much. I get ten meals a week and it is SO MUCH.

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